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Dedicated Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training Provider

Preparing You to Become a Reliable Health Care Professional

Jump-start your career in the health care industry with help from New Beginning CNA Training. We provide a comprehensive training program for CNAs, covering a wide range of topics that includes CPR/first aid, health care consulting/development, and resume building. Get in touch with us in Stone Mountain, Georgia to sign up for our program. We welcome students from the metro and east Atlanta areas.

Why Choose Us

New Beginning CNA Training is the new culture of health care professional training that has been setting the standard for entry-level health care education for more than seven years. We absolutely love and serve our students. We also require the best from each employee with no options.

We believe that the needs of our nursing assistant students and clients are of the utmost importance. This is why we go above and beyond to assist them in accomplishing their goals. With the help of life coaches and industry-experienced personnel, we are confident that we will prepare you for the medical field as a health care professional.


New Beginning CNA Training, Inc. will immerse all genres of health care within the southeast region of the US with analytical policy and procedure-driven, autonomous entry-level, new culture of health care professionals.

Mission Statement

New Beginning CNA Training’s mission is to provide superior-level nursing assistant training that facilitates gainful employment for entry-level health care professionals.

Our mission is based on five pillars of commitment:


Trust is the foundational cornerstone of quality health care education and training, as well as the employer-employee relations within health care.


We have a responsibility to the community in which we serve to educate in the highest form of ethical behavior, as well as hold ourselves responsible for every action to decrease reactions. This is expected of every student that receives our training.


Our evolving commitment to students’ success to gain entrance into a post-secondary program, and/or gainful employment requires a constant systematic and comprehensive review, revision, and implication of educational resources, updates, and changes.


The school’s leadership and staff, from our team of instructors to the administrative personnel, are to maintain professionalism at all times.


We provide the means by which students may discover and develop their capabilities as they seek their desired career goals. We afford students the opportunity to participate in community service projects in collaboration with health organizations in the community.

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